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Sports with Mr. Michael | 04

Balloon Fun!

Coronavirus plus chilly weather equals being indoors a lot. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! This week for our sports session we’ll be doing a few activities with balloons! Check out the video and try it at home!

What You Need

Balloons, string, tape (painter’s ideal), paddles, rackets, or spatulas.

Target age: 3+ (younger students see below)

Next Steps

  1. Try each video portion a few times.

  2. Move the taped balloon to different heights or distances. Add something soft to land on if you think necessary.

  3. Try hitting the balloon over a line or piece of furniture to partner.

  4. Play balloon soccer! (establish designated goals)


Younger Students: Have a balloon dance party, play catch, or hit with spatula!

Tomorrow we'll be featuring a collaborative kids culinary class with Miss Tara from Yummy Sprout. Click here to see our weekly schedule of Virtual Enrichment Program classes and subscribe to our blog!

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