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Sports with Mr. Michael | 01

Indoor Bocce Ball

Today, Mr. Michael is going to show you a creative way to play bocce ball in your home. Bocce ball is a great game where players try to get their ball closest to the target, this helps students practice accuracy and different styles of throwing or rolling. Students even get to practice a little math along the way.

What You Need

A paper plate, boot tray, laundry basket, two small balls (different colors), tape measure, paper and markers, and a target (can be anything from a block to a recycled lid).

Target age: 3+

Younger students can simplify the game by swapping out the boot tray or laundry basket for other objects like the couch, a chair, a blanket, rolling to parent, etc. 

Next Steps

Continue moving the target around the house and trying to throw balls close to it. Stairs are really fun, and parents can play with non-dominant hand.

Share your creative ideas to place a target on our blog or Facebook page to give other families more ideas!

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