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Sports with Mr. Michael | 03

Eggs in a Basket

Easter is here, which means the Easter Bunny is hopping around and leaving his eggs everywhere. These eggs aren’t only good for sweets, but for building our hand-eye coordination as well. Today we’ll be tossing eggs in a basket! Check out the video and try it at home!

What You Need

A paper plate, laundry basket, a dozen or so Easter eggs, and paper if you want to record results.

Target age: 2+

*Younger children see below.

Next Steps

  1. Try a few times

  2. Move the basket or plate to adjust distance/height (stairs are great too!)

  3. Try using a smaller or larger container

  4. Try underhand, overhand, and non-dominant hand

  5. Record your results!


*Younger Students: set down a dozen or so eggs, and have the child retrieve them and bring to the laundry basket

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