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Chalk Course

Chalk is a super fun material to draw with. If we draw the right things, chalk can help us move and get stronger. Today we'll be making an obstacle course with chalk. Check out the video and make your own course!

What You Need

Sidewalk chalk and a large cement space.

Target age: 2+

*Younger children see below.

Next Steps

  1. Go around a few times.

  2. Look online for some more fun obstacle ideas! link

  3. Add a new section or two and try again! 

  4. Try timing yourself but make sure you do everything the right way! Make a chart and graph your results.

  5. Draw some shapes around the outside, kinda like bases. Play music, when music stops, parent says a shape. Run to the shape before your parent or caregiver tickles you! Parents or caregivers, it's easier if you have a pool noodle, or something similar, trust me. 

*Younger students can simplify the game by making things in the course bigger and going through the course with a parent or caregiver.

Share your creative chalk courses on our blog or Facebook page to give other families more ideas!

Tomorrow we'll be featuring a collaborative kids culinary class with Miss Tara from Yummy Sprout. Click here to see our weekly schedule of Virtual Enrichment Program classes and subscribe to our blog!

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