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It’s with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself to you as the newest member of the Hickory Hill team. I am truly honored and excited to be the incoming Head of School. I knew immediately from my visit to campus this past March that HHA is a truly special school and if I were given the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community I would surely say “YES!” Together as a community you have successfully overcome the challenges of the pandemic and today the school is full of productive, happy, and enthusiastic adults and children. Thanks to the efforts of everyone working together the positive spirit of HHA is alive and well!

As the new Head of School, I look forward to building rich and meaningful relationships. While I have enjoyed my time living internationally in the past and most recently in Utah and Colorado, I am excited to join a community where I can make a long-term commitment to helping a unique school like HHA. One of the most rewarding parts of working in a school like HHA is that we get to focus on both the foundational/ academic parts of learning as well as enjoy watching students develop and grow to be life ready. That is why I really enjoy working in a PreK- Grade 8 school environment most of all. I love the Midwest and I hope all of you Badgers won’t hold it against me that I am a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

I think you will find I am the type of administrator and head that wants to talk to parents at carpool and to meet with a student after school who might be struggling to “fit in” or trying to decide on what excites them both inside and outside the classroom. I also make time for teachers as they are the backbone of the school. I know that in order to accomplish anything I must build and maintain strong and trusting relationships. I consider myself a teacher first and will always appreciate the demands that are placed on them every day.

Why do I want to join your community? I want to inspire and be inspired by everyone that makes the HHA experience possible. As the Head of School, I look forward to sharing my passion, knowledge and experience with others, while being surrounded by amazing children and adults. I know at HHA I will find families, teachers, and students who appreciate and understand that an education is so much more than a percentage on a report card. In this unique and warm environment, I want us to share a love for learning and discovery, because we know students learn best when they can drive their own instruction and exploration of their world.

At HHA learning takes place in an environment filled with like-minded people who encourage and inspire one another to dig deeper and take risks- even if we do not always have the “right” answer. We do not want to build a school of students who never make mistakes. We want a school where making a mistake is encouraged and celebrated as an opportunity to build something new, grow inside, and inspire self and others to make the world a better place. This will be made possible by working closely with our Leadership Team to further develop and deepen the academic and enrichment (extra-curricular) experience for students. As parents your input will play a vital role in our ability to reach our goal to continue to be the very best educational option for families in the Madison area. This includes, but is not limited to welcoming new faces to our community and embarking on establishing a first class middle school program. This is a truly exciting time to be a Highlander!


Evan Hunt