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Hickory Hill Academy is expanding! We’re thrilled to share that our new building is currently on track for a Fall 2023 opening.
In 2020, Hickory Hill Academy leaders recognized that our programs were growing quickly and we would soon need more space, especially for our older students. Currently, our preschool through 8th Grade students reside in the Main Building and Big Red Barn. While we’re thankful to use this charming space, we know our older students require a separate, age-appropriate building to facilitate their incredible love for learning. 

Our new building will be located on the southern corner of campus, near the intersection of High Point Road and Mid Town Road. This will allow us to provide much needed space for our older students, while remaining on the same shared campus as one unified program (Age 1 - 8th grade). Our established preschool program will continue to use it’s beloved existing campus in the Main Building, the Big Red Barn, and the Dahlhouse.

Our new building will be far more than a larger space for our older students. Each room will provide our school community the opportunity to follow our program’s vision of “Cultivating Compassionate Leaders.”  Whether it’s our gymnasium, science lab, library, or music studio, each space is intended to build strong character qualities for our school community.  The prominent indoor conservatory may provide the greatest opportunity to cultivate growth in a stimulating and compassionate environment (in both our plants, and our school community!).
The entire team at Hickory Hill Academy has worked hard to turn this dream building into a reality and we’re incredibly excited for this next step as a growing school community.

View a gallery of rendering below to see a sample of our building design

Tune in as we hear from Matt and Jenny Dahl, the owners of Hickory Hill Academy! They are giving us the inside scoop on their amazing 10-acre campus that now includes a NEW Kindergarten through 8th grade building! With this addition, it's exciting news that HHA's already gorgeous campus will be gaining new rooms for their Infant through 4K program. Get ready to be inspired by their unwavering commitment to providing top-notch education! 

  • Is Hickory Hill Academy (HHA), formerly, Kids Express Learning Center, a daycare or a preschool?"
    HHA is an early childhood learning center, or preschool, where degreed teachers work with parents to set clearly defined goals for each child's flourishing development. Here, teachers engage each child in activities designed to foster social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. Teachers design and implement weekly goal directed lesson plans, based on Wisconsin’s Model Early Learning, in beautiful, well-appointed classrooms and nurseries. We make updates to our curriculum annually, based on the best educational research and practices. HHA teachers develop individual portfolios to track each child growth and development throughout the academic year, and conference with parents to review each child’s individual portfolio.
  • Why should I choose Hickory Hill Academy over another school in the area?
    Parents choose HHA for its extraordinary environment, curriculum, expert staff, and outstanding reputation. Our ten-acre farmette campus delights children with invitations to explore, experiment, and experience the thrill of guided and self-directed, child-centered learning in a variety of interesting environments (forest trails, a bus classroom, animal pastures, etc.). At HHA, children plan, plant, and harvest vegetables, herbs, and flowers in Children’s Gardens, explore the world at hand and beyond via a child and parent inspiring Nature/Science program, develop Spanish language skills and advance their developing motor skills in creative and merrymaking Physical Education classes. Our nurturing, degreed teachers work with children in small groups and individually, using developmentally appropriate, play-based activities to promote young students’ skills in language arts, music, math, science, social and emotional development.
  • Does my child have to be potty trained to be accepted at Hickory Hill Academy?
    Children three and under do not need to be potty trained in order to be accepted into our classroom at HHA. Early childhood classrooms will work with children on potty training initiated by parents.
  • Where do I find a calendar of events or my child's school year schedule?
    HHA's Annual Calendar is developed in February each year. Annual calendars are distributed to parents when they receive contracts from HHA and are distributed at classroom orientation meetings in each fall. Parents may request a calendar from the office (608-845-3245 or Additionally, teachers post school calendars and schedules in their classrooms and include event updates in weekly Friday Reminder emails to parents.
  • How will I know if Hickory Hill Academy is closed due to inclement weather?
    HHA follows Madison Metropolitan School District in regard to school delays, early dismissals, and/or closings due to severe weather. However, we will remain open when MMSD closes due to temperatures or wind chill factors. Local television and radio stations carry updates on area school closings during any kind of inclement weather. HHA’s Facebook page will post school closings or delays.
  • Is there a place where my child will be able to play during inclement weather?
    Children of all ages go outdoors for recess or stroller rides, weather permitting. However, Little Engine That Could, our smaller gym, has a mirrored wall and a dance bar to encourage exercise, dance and creative play and our larger Little Red Gym, which regularly hosts indoor PE classes, provides a great space for indoor recess – or a special school event.
  • Are there family friendly events hosted by Hickory Hill Academy?
    Yes! HHA hosts several family-centered events every year, including our annual families’ favorite, Harvest Party, which gathers together the whole school community for conversation and memorable activities – Campground Campfire, games, treats, crafts, photo ops, a petting zoo, hayrides, etc. During Week of the Young Child each spring, HHA children enjoy special daily activities and the week closes with a festive evening offering fun for families across the HHA campus. Classrooms host numerous events throughout the school year to encourage families to get to know one another.
  • When is the best time to tour Hickory Hill Academy?
    Please make an appointment for a family tour of HHA, and see firsthand what we are so proud to offer to children and families. Tours are scheduled for weekdays, at 9 or 10am.
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