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Hickory Hill Academy is expanding! We’re thrilled to share that our new building is currently on track for a Fall 2023 opening.
In 2020, Hickory Hill Academy leaders recognized that our programs were growing quickly and we would soon need more space, especially for our older students. Currently, our preschool through 8th Grade students reside in the Main Building and Big Red Barn. While we’re thankful to use this charming space, we know our older students require a separate, age-appropriate building to facilitate their incredible love for learning. 

Our new building will be located on the southern corner of campus, near the intersection of High Point Road and Mid Town Road. This will allow us to provide much needed space for our older students, while remaining on the same shared campus as one unified program (Age 1 - 8th grade). Our established preschool program will continue to use it’s beloved existing campus in the Main Building, the Big Red Barn, and the Dahlhouse.

Our new building will be far more than a larger space for our older students. Each room will provide our school community the opportunity to follow our program’s vision of “Cultivating Compassionate Leaders.”  Whether it’s our gymnasium, science lab, library, or music studio, each space is intended to build strong character qualities for our school community.  The prominent indoor conservatory may provide the greatest opportunity to cultivate growth in a stimulating and compassionate environment (in both our plants, and our school community!).
The entire team at Hickory Hill Academy has worked hard to turn this dream building into a reality and we’re incredibly excited for this next step as a growing school community.

View a gallery of rendering below to see a sample of our building design

Tune in as we hear from Matt and Jenny Dahl, the owners of Hickory Hill Academy! They are giving us the inside scoop on their amazing 10-acre campus that now includes a NEW Kindergarten through 8th grade building! With this addition, it's exciting news that HHA's already gorgeous campus will be gaining new rooms for their Infant through 4K program. Get ready to be inspired by their unwavering commitment to providing top-notch education! 

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