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Introducing Hickory Hill Academy, a growing independent school in Madison, WI. We are enrolling Kindergarten through 6th Grade for the 2022-2023 academic school year with plans to add additional grades up through 8th grade in the coming years.

Join us as we build this rich academic program and cultivate compassionate leaders for our community! 

Our Mission

Hickory Hill Academy cultivates children’s growth in a stimulating and compassionate environment. Our supportive teachers engage the curiosities and needs of each child, fostering self-esteem, the confidence needed to benefit from our robust academic programs, and the interest to embark on a journey of life-long learning. Our focus on empathy, character, and individual well-being encourages our children to envision how they will serve their community beyond the expanse of our campus.


Program Highlights

Student-Teacher Relationships

Caring teachers take the time to get to know each student to understand how to help them reach their potential.

Individualized Instruction

With more than one fully credentialed teacher in the classroom, students often learn in small groups with personalized attention.

Hands-On Experiences

Teachers have the creativity to teach outside the box and make learning fun through a variety of experiences.

Extracurricular Classes

All students have weekly extracurricular classes in Spanish, Mandarin, Science, STEM, SEL, P.E., Art, Music, and more. 

The Hickory Hill Academy Graduate will be...

Compassionate • A Leader • Knowledgable • Self-aware • Empathetic • A Critical Thinker • Confident


Based on the best of CCSS, WMELS, NGSS and the best practices of the highest-ranking curriculums worldwide

Smaller class sizes allow for strong relationship building and a high level of individualized instruction

Focus on depth of knowledge and student interest

Curricular approaches and materials are research and
standards-based, current, and engaging in math, literacy, social studies, and science

Scaffolded curriculum to provide an individualized, developmentally appropriate, challenging curriculum

Social-Emotional curriculum is research-based and focuses on fostering, nurturing and promoting emotional intelligence and character development 



  • Individual, small group and whole group teaching and learning

  • Interdisciplinary Learning

  • Inquiry-Based Learning

  • Project-Based Learning

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