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Mandarin with Miss Daisy | 04

Sports Balls

In honor of the Week of the Young Child sports theme today, Miss Daisy is teaching you how to pronounce sports balls in Mandarin. Take a quick look and then watch the video to practice along with Miss Daisy. Then follow the next steps to further your learning.

  • Soccer = 足球 (Zu qiu)

  • Ping-Pong = 乒乓球 (ping pang qiu)

  • Volleyball= 排球 (pai qiu)

  • Basketball= 篮球 (lan qiu)

  • Hockey= 冰球 (bing qiu)

  • Baseball= 棒球 (bang qiu)

  • Football= 橄榄球 (gan lan qiu) or 美式足球 (mei shi zu qiu)

Next Steps

  1. After watching the video, do you know what is Miss.Daisy’s favorite sport?

  2. What is your favorite sport? What kind of sports ball do you have at home?

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