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Mandarin with Miss Daisy | 01

Hand Washing Song and Basic Counting

Today Miss Daisy will teach you a song about washing your hands and how to count from 1 to 20 in Mandarin. First, watch this video and repeat Miss Daisy as she introduces and reviews each vocabulary term. Next, follow the steps to engage further in this lesson.

Watch and repeat Miss Daisy as she reviews Mandarin vocabulary.

Next Steps

Take a few minutes to review the vocabulary terms and numbers introduced in the video with your child. A written list is provided below. Next, watch the video 3-4 more times to learn and sing along with Miss Daisy.

Hand Washing Terms:

  • 洗手 (Xi Shou - Wash Hands)

  • 手心 (Shou Xin - Inside of Hands)

  • 手背 (Shoubei - Outside of Hands)

  • 手指间 (Shou Zhi Jian - Between Fingers)

  • 手腕 (Shou Wan - Wrists)

  • 拇指 (Muzhi - Thumbs)

  • 指尖( Zhi Jian - Fingertips)

Numbers 1-10:

  • Yi(一 1)

  • Er(二 2)

  • San(三 3)

  • Si(四 4)

  • Wu(五 5)

  • Liu(六 6)

  • Qi(七 7)

  • Ba(八 8)

  • Jiu(九 9)

  • Shi(十 10)

Numbers 10-20:

  • Shi Yi(十一 11)

  • Shi Er(十二12)

  • Shi San(十三13)

  • Shi Si(十四14)

  • Shi Wu(十五15)

  • Shi Liu (十六16)

  • Shi Qi(十七17)

  • Shi Ba(十八18)

  • Shi Jiu(十九19)

  • Er Shi(二十20)

If you want to have even more fun with Miss Daisy's Mandarin lesson today, record a video of yourself singing The Hand Washing song or counting in Mandarin and share it on our blog or Facebook page!

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