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Mandarin with Miss Daisy | 03


Miss Daisy is introducing shapes in Mandarin today. Below is a list of shape vocabulary terms. Take a quick look and then watch the video to practice along with Miss Daisy. Then follow the next steps to further your learning.

  • Circle (yuan xing 圆形)

  • Square (zheng fang xing 正方形) 

  • Triangle (san jiao xing 三角形)

  • Diamond (ling xing 菱形)

  • Star (xing xing 星型)

  • Heart (xin xing 心型)

  • Rectangle (chang fang xing 长方形)

  • Oval (tuo yuan xing 椭圆形)

Next Steps

Try to find the shapes that we learned from today's lesson, after you find them, watch the video one more time, to repeat all the shapes in Mandarin. Have fun!

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