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Mandarin with Miss Daisy | 02

Learning Colors

Today Miss Daisy is teaching colors in Mandarin. There are two videos to watch for this lesson. The first video will review each color in Mandarin listed below. Then you will make a simple "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" book. After your book is done, you will watch the second video to follow along with Miss Daisy as she reviews the colors again with a read-a-long.

  • Red 红色(hong se)

  • Yellow 黄色(huang se ) 

  • Green 绿色/青色(qing se )

  • Purple 紫色(zi se) 

  • Blue 蓝色(lan se)

  • Orange 橙色 (cheng se) 

  • White 白色(bai se)  

  • black 黑色(hei se)

Video (1 of 2), Reviewing Colors in Mandarin

NOTE: Because of technology/lighting issues, some of the colors may look a little off.

Next Steps: Make your own book of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?"


  • One file folder

  • Colored papers or you can color some white papers if you don't have colorful papers at home.

How to make your book:

Trace a bear shape on a file folder, then cut the bear shape out, put the colorful papers inside, then your own bear book is finished! Please note, you can put any colors in the book, even rainbow colors. Don't worry if the colors you choose isn't in today's lesson, we will get into them in the future. It's your book anyways!

Once your book is complete, watch the next video below to read-a-long with Miss Daisy and practice colors in Mandarin.

Video (2 of 2), Read-a-long in Mandarin with Your Book

Miss Daisy would love to see a video of you practicing your colors in Mandarin. Please email or share your video in the comments below.

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