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Leading the Way: Hickory Hill Academy's Commitment to Teacher-Led Development

As parents, we all want the best for our children, and choosing the right educational institution is one of the most important decisions we make in helping them develop and reach their full potential. At Hickory Hill Academy, we understand this, and that is why we prioritize our teachers and make sure they are at the forefront of our educational mission.

HHA teachers are education professionals with coursework and/or a degree in early childhood education or elementary education. Our commitment to teacher-led development means that we invest in our teachers, providing them with the resources and support they need to help our students grow and succeed. What does that look like at HHA?

  • Ongoing professional development

  • Coaching support through CESA2 for continuous improvement

  • Go above and beyond licensing requirements

Our teachers are experts in their fields, and we trust them to create engaging and meaningful lessons that will inspire and challenge our students. They also are given the freedom to be creative and innovative, so they can tailor their lessons to the unique needs and interests of each student.

At Hickory Hill Academy, our teachers are more than just educators. They are role models and mentors, who provide guidance and support to our students both in and out of the classroom. They foster a warm and supportive learning environment, where students feel valued and encouraged to explore their passions and interests. With the close relationship they build with each student, our teachers are able to recognize and address individual needs, helping them reach their full potential. Our teachers also have a talent for teaming up with parents to make the education experience for their children truly remarkable!

We believe that teachers play a critical role in shaping the future, and we are proud to have such an exceptional and dedicated team at Hickory Hill Academy. By investing in our teachers and empowering them to lead the way, we are ensuring that our students receive the best possible education and are prepared for success in all aspects of their lives.

So if you're looking for a school that places a high value on its teachers and is dedicated to fostering exceptional student development, then Hickory Hill Academy is the place for you. Join us, and see the difference that teacher-led education can make in your child's life.

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