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Celebrating Wisconsin's Finest: A Tribute to Inspiring Figures

Recently, our 4th graders had a blast working on a cool project that led to them creating their own Wax Museum event. This project was more than just homework; it was a deep dive into Wisconsin's history, where they got to act like some of the state's most fascinating figures. They even mixed in art lessons, learning how to draw their characters, which made the whole experience even more fun and meaningful.

But before they could shine at the Wax Museum, there was a lot of prep work. Part of that work was super cool because it mixed learning about history with art. The kids got to take an integrated arts lesson where they learned how to draw the characters they were studying.

Imagine trying to learn everything about a famous person from Wisconsin, and then also learning how to draw them! This made the project extra fun and helped the students feel

even closer to the historical figures they were representing.

After spending time drawing and researching, the students were ready to show off their hard work at the Wax Museum event. They stood proudly, dressed as the characters they had studied, next to the amazing art boards they created. These boards were filled with drawings and facts, all coming together to tell the story of each historical figure.

What really made this project special was the field trip they took today. They visited two awesome places: the Wisconsin State Capitol and the Wisconsin Historical Society. Walking through the Capitol, the kids were in awe of the building's beauty and learned a lot about how it's connected to the stories of the people they were studying. Then, at the Historical Society, they got to see real artifacts and documents. This wasn't just looking at history in a book; they were right there where history happened.

The Madison Capital's tour guide said today that the Hickory Hill Academy 4th grade students have been the best group of students she’s ever had. "Their questions are amazing and their behavior is outstanding!" Way to go Highlanders!

This trip made everything they were learning in class come to life. By the time they stood in front of parents and classmates at the Wax Museum, they weren't just reciting facts. They were sharing stories about people they felt they knew personally, thanks to their art and the incredible field trip.

The Wax Museum project, with its mix of art, history, and real-world exploration, shows just how cool learning can be. It's not every day that you get to dress up as a historical figure, share your art, and talk about a field trip that made you see your state in a whole new light. This project was a reminder of how creative, curious, and collaborative learning can create unforgettable experiences.

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