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Hickory Hill Academy: New K-8th Grade Building, February Update!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Get ready to hear some fantastic news about our new new K-8th grade building, because our construction company at Vogel has just given us an exciting update!

"The project team has completed steel at the entrance of the building (north side). They will begin pouring of the lower level concrete floors in March. Framing of exterior walls

continues while the interior walls are nearly complete in the classrooms on the south side.

Drywall is moving along quickly on the upper floor classrooms. Roofing on the south

side of the building is expected to be complete in March.

Meanwhile, interior mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection continue to work in all areas of the new building." Vogel Bros. Building Co.

Coming Up Next!

• Exterior window frames begin mid March

• Roofing expected to be complete in March

• Stone siding expected to begin in March

• Glass will begin installation in April

• Asphalt parking lot expected to begin in May

Watching a new building being constructed from start to finish is an amazing experience! Seeing architects and engineers turn a vision into reality, witnessing the various stages of construction, and appreciating the art and science of building is both fascinating and exciting. It's a cool experience that is hard to forget!

For a more in-depth look at the opportunities of our students regarding the new building in February -

In case you missed it, we invite you to watch the video below as HHA's school owners, Matt and Jenny Dahl give an inside scoop on their amazing 10-acre campus that now includes the NEW Kindergarten through 8th grade building!

Click HERE to inquire today!

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