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World Culture Week 2021

We had a wonderful time celebrating World Culture Week at Hickory Hill Academy, teaching our students the importance of learning about other world cultures and celebrating diversity. Each classroom was assigned a region of the world. Teachers developed age-appropriate lesson plans and projects to help their students learn about their region’s food, music, dance, art, celebrations, and national symbols. At the end of the week we had a "world art tour" where classrooms displayed their art projects outside for our school community to safely enjoy.

Each room created unique and beautiful art that brought joy to our campus. Lastly, we finished celebrating this morning at our weekly online school Community Circle. All 15 classrooms had the spotlight to share their art, a performance, or interesting facts they learned with each other and their families. It was a beautiful sight!

We are thankful for all the hard work and planning by our teachers, Parent Partnership Association, and World Language teachers for making this a memorable week!

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