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Flower-Pressed Linen Dress: A Creative and 'Gettin Dirty' Pre-Kindergarten Project

Today we wrapped up the second week of Summer on the Farm, and what a week it was! With our theme of 'Gettin Dirty', we saw an abundance of fun activities happening at camp. From making slime and tie-dye butterflies to playing games outside, creating delicious dirt cups, and going on hikes, the classes demonstrated the theme in so many creative ways!


Speaking of creativity, our Summer on the Farm Art Teacher, Miss Shyann, had a blast with the Secret Garden Pre-Kindergarten class—making a mess in the most beautiful way!


Flower-Pressed Linen Dress: A Creative and 'Gettin Dirty' Pre-Kindergarten Project


"Pressing flowers onto linen to create a dress to wear all summer long has been such a rewarding project! I've done similar activities before, like making bookmarks for each child, but this one felt special. Incorporating nature, which is a huge part of my life, and showcasing my students' work made it the perfect summer art project. Using hammers to press the flowers helps develop motor skills and teaches children about natural dyes. Today, I'm proudly wearing the linen dress decorated by my students, celebrating both their creativity and the joy of flower pressing." -  Miss Shyann

During the academic school year, Miss Shyann uses her creativity, expertise, and talents as HHA's Early Childhood STEM and Outdoor Nature Specialist!

Thanks to our non-profit Friends of HHA,  which provides student scholarships for K-8 students and professional development opportunities for teachers campus-wide, Miss Shyann recently completed the "Classroom Strategies for Channeling Students’ Environmental Concerns into Empowerment"course, earning a micro-credential from Earth Rangers. This course equips educators with tools to create empowering classrooms, transforming eco-anxiety into positive environmental action.

Interested in learning more about HHA and our program?

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