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Teresa Hoveland is the Early Childhood Director at HHA.  Teresa has been in the early childhood education field for over 30 years, and has directed child care programs in the Madison, Wisconsin area and in Orange County, California.  She graduated from UW Madison with a degree in Child and Family Studies, where she was a student of the school founder, Dr. Sandra Dahl!  Teresa completed her Administrator Credential at UW-Milwaukee and has received certifications in Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion as well as Pyramid Model/CSEFEL Training.  Teresa is a Tier 3 Registry Trainer and former instructor at Madison College. Teresa has served as a consultant to other programs working towards high quality standards, and has presented many early childhood trainings and workshops over the years.


Teresa currently resides in Madison. She has a son, daughter in law and grandson who live nearby, and a daughter who lives in Columbus, WI. Teresa was born and raised on a family farm on the east side of Madison. She grew up with 5 brothers and two sisters, loving parents, and many cows, chickens, cats, dogs, and occasionally horses and other animals. She spent much of her childhood outside and in libraries, where she grew her love for nature and reading. Teresa also enjoys music, spending time with family, hiking, and watching the Badgers and Packers.  


As an early childhood professional who grew up in a rural setting and who has a longtime connection to the school’s founder, Teresa felt that coming to Hickory Hill Academy was a natural and meaningful career decision. Teresa is passionate about high quality early education and believes that children are capable and competent learners. Teresa supports the pedagogical belief young children learn best through play in a carefully planned, intentionally designed environment by skilled teachers who understand each child’s developmental needs and interests. Play is how young children learn the foundational skills they need for collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, compassion, and leadership.  

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