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Miss Katie grew up in Maryland and it was there that she developed a great respect for nature. Her elementary wish to become a "rock scientist" eventually grew into a desire to adventure, explore, and educate others about all parts of the natural world. 

Miss Katie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Resource Management: Environmental Education & Interpretation from UW - Stevens Point with a minor in Youth Programming and Camp Management. The majority of her time there was spent out in the field studying wildlife, forestry, soil, and water systems, as well as leading public education programs. During her practicum experience she traveled to Germany, Poland, and Iceland to assist in research projects and learn about their sustainability programs, forest management, and education systems. She has worked at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Center leading courses such as: orienteering, canoeing, team building, plant identification and pond study. At the Atwood Center in Rockford, IL, Miss Katie led subjects such as archery, field study, night hikes, river study, ropes courses and shelter and fire building. She continued her love of building excellent outdoor programming at YMCA as their school age coordinator, and is excited to bring together her knowledge of nature and science with her passion for enriching children's lives, here at HHA. 

At home Miss Katie is an avid reader and a proud owner of two great Danes and a cat. She is also an artist that creates pet portraits and wildlife drawings, and often spends her weekends painting landscapes she has seen on hikes and trips. Miss Katie and her husband love to travel, and were married in March 2020 in Australia with the hope to return to finish their trip to New Zealand in the future. 

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