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Tiny Sprouts Science with Miss Georgine | 03

Birds and Nests

This science activity teaches children about birds and what they use to build their nests in the springtime. The activities offer children an opportunity to find items that birds often use to build their nests. Young children observe up close actual birds and their nests. An adult may want to read the book or play the video of the YouTube story, The Best Nest along with this lesson.

Next Steps

Gathering Items

You will need:

  • A container to hang in a tree, such as a small basket, mesh bag with holes, or string.

  • Items for a nest, such as dead leaves, plant stems, dead grass, small twigs, etc.

  • Items from home, such as string pieces, yarn, thread, small plastic wrappings, and soft lining from an old jacket.

  1. With your child, walk around your yard or in a park and gather a bag of items from nature.

  2. Your child may place the items in an easily hung bag or container with holes.

  3. Ask your child to help you find a place to tie or hang the container near your home.

  4. Visit the place often to see if any items disappear.

  5. Go for walks around your neighborhood looking for nests and watching for bushes and ledges where birds fly.

Setting Up a Spot for a Nest

You will need:

  • A small waterproof strong box like container. The container should have a hole and an opening. Small clay flowerpot may work about 4-6 inches across.

  • A handful of small thin twigs.

  1. Find a location 4-6 ft. off the ground to securely place the box.

  2. Collect a handful of twigs

  3. Ask your child to break up the twigs into very thin twigs.

  4. Set the pile of twigs on the ground near your box.

  5. Check every three-four days to see if any twigs are getting put into the box. Do not check daily, or your presence may deter the bird from using the box. Avoid walking within 30 feet of the box you provided.

Expanded Experiments

  • If you find a nest with eggs, keep a daily count on your family calendar to see how many days it takes for the eggs to hatch.

  • Look up on the Internet, what bird has laid the eggs and how many days is that bird’s incubation period. Does it take that long for your bird’s eggs to hatch?

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