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Tiny Sprouts Science with Miss Georgine | 01

Inside a Box

Miss Georgine is introducing a science activity that teaches children about size, shape, and space awareness with boxes. It encourages problem solving and memory skills. The activity utilizes the process of scientific thinking: observation, prediction, and experimentation. The activity encourages creativity when children find special boxes to create their own game. First watch this video and then follow the next steps below.

Next Steps

  1. Gather 4-8 different sizes and shapes of boxes from around the house. Choose boxes designed for specific items. Avoid plain brown boxes for this activity.

  2. Gather the items that fit inside each box. If older than 3 years, put the items inside the box without showing what the items are to your child.

  3. With children over age of 3, point out the material of which the box is made. Talk about which is the biggest and smallest of the boxes.

  4. Preschoolers can also guess what might be in each box before opening the boxes. Prompt the kids by asking, “Could a puppy fit inside this box?” Ask about different things that might be in the box. Shake the box and let the child hear if the item makes a sound.

  5. Allow the preschooler to hold and open the box, to see if his guess is correct.

  6. With toddlers, have the items out of the box and the boxes set out for them to see and touch. Ask the child to put an item in one of the boxes.

  7. Discuss the shapes of the boxes and present different items that will fit best in one of the boxes.

  8. Guide the child to find the best box that matches the shape of the item and best fits inside the box (as shown in the video).

  9. Toddlers and preschools can try to remember what is inside each box after all the items are put into their proper boxes (See video).

With Toddlers

Use fewer boxes, and to prevent choking, use boxes larger than 2 inches across.


Find 4-5 graduated sizes of rectangle boxes. Start with a shoe box size to a much larger box that the child can fit inside. Have your child try to get inside each box, until she finds one that fits.

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