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Spanish with Miss Silka | 02

Colores y Figuras Geométricas (Colors and Geometric Figures):

Today Miss Silka is teaching you about colores y figuras geométricas (colors and geometric figures) in Spanish. Watch this video and then follow the next steps below.

Next Steps

  1. Collect and gather toys, objects, pictures from magazines or flash cards (cards with words in English or other languages will work fine too).

  2. Review the vocabulary for colors and shapes in Spanish while you play.

  3. Send a picture or a video of yourself doing the activity to Maestra Silka at Maestra Silka -


  • Rojo [roh-hoh] = red

  • Amarillo [ah-mah-ree-yoh] = yellow

  • Verde [vehr-deh] = green

  • Azul [ah-sool] = blue

  • Negro [neh-groh] = black

  • Blanco [blahn-koh] = white

  • Marrón [mah-rohn] = brown

  • Morado [moh-rah-doh] = purple

  • Rosado [roh-sah-doh] = pink

  • Gris [grees] = gray

  • Anaranjado [ah-nah-rahn-ha-doh] = orange

Some colors have different names; a person might have learned a different way of saying a color, for example: café=brown; púrpura and violeta = purple; rosa=pink; naranja = orange.

Figuras Geométricas / Formas:

  • Círculo [seer-cuh-loh] = circle

  • Cuadrado [kuah-drah-doh] = square

  • Triángulo [tree-ahn-guh-loh] = triangle

  • Rectángulo [reck-tahn-guh-loh] = rectangle

  • Òvalo [oh-vah-loh] = oval

  • Corazón [koh-rah-son] = heart

  • Estrella [es-treh-yah] = star

  • Diamante [dee-ah-man-teh] = diamond

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