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Spanish with Miss Silka | 01

El Cuerpo (The Body):

Today Miss Silka is teaching you about El Cuerpo (The Body) in Spanish. First, she will start with her "Hola, Hola" song to greet you and then share a "Head and Shoulders" song for you to follow along with. Watch this video and then follow the next steps below.

Next Steps

  1. Draw an outline of a body using chalk. It can be of yourself or a family member. Send me a picture if you can! Older kids can write down the parts of the body with chalk if they want to practice writing, see the picture below.

  2. Dance and sing “Cabeza, hombros” (Head and Shoulders); send me a video if you want to! I would love to see siblings practicing the song together!

  3. Watch or listen to the following videos:

Maestra Silka -

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