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Small Scientists, Big Discoveries: Inside the Incredible HHA Science and Inventor Fair

The Science and Inventor Fair at Hickory Hill Academy was a fun-filled event that showcased the creativity and ingenuity of students. These young minds were given the opportunity to develop and investigate testable questions of their own choosing, and they came up with some amazing projects to showcase their investigative skills and creativity.

The Inventor Fair challenges were equally awesome, with kindergarteners creating new toys made from recyclable materials, while first graders designed inventions to make their lives easier or more fun.

During the event, students went around and looked at each other's projects. They wrote on post-it notes, giving encouragement and support for their fellow classmates. It was great to see them so supportive of each other and truly engaging with the projects.

Parents, family members, and friends were invited to come and experience the event too. They were impressed by the creativity and ingenuity on display and enjoyed hearing from the students about their projects. It was clear that the students had put a lot of effort and passion into their work, and the pride they had in their projects was contagious!

At Hickory Hill Academy, instilling confidence in our students is a core character value that we believe is essential for their success. We want our students to leave HHA as well-rounded individuals who possess not only knowledge but also a range of character traits, including compassion, adaptability, self-awareness, empathy, and critical thinking.

By providing opportunities like the Science and Inventor Fair, we aim to build the confidence of our students by allowing them to take risks, explore their interests, and showcase their skills. We also encourage a growth mindset in our students, which emphasizes that mistakes and failures are part of the learning process and can be opportunities for growth and development.

Through our comprehensive curriculum and social emotional learning program, we strive to create a learning environment that fosters the development of HHA L-E-A-D-E-R-S (Listener, Empathetic, Accepting, Disciplined, Ethical, Respectful, and Selfless. We believe that these character traits, coupled with a solid academic foundation, will prepare our students to succeed in any path they choose to pursue after they leave HHA.

We invite you to inquire today and discover how your child can benefit from the incredible learning opportunities at HHA. With our new STEM Lab, Makers Space, and a comprehensive curriculum and social emotional learning program, we are committed to providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success. Don't miss out on this unique learning experience!

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