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Science & Nature with Mr. Rich | 03

Making Hand Sanitizer with Percentages and Fractions

This week KELC Nature and Science students will be considering Math. Our youngest learners will explore concepts of quantity and shape. Older children will study the history of numbers, while the oldest children look at mathematical symbols and estimation.

Mr. Rich has created this video assigned to our oldest students to share with our blog this week. It is an introduction to percentages and fractions. It is also about how to make homemade hand sanitizer. You may want to try it with your family!

What You Need:

  • Some Aloe vera leaves

  • Concentrated alcohol (Isopropyl or grain alcohol over 90%)

  • Glycerin, if you have it

  • Essential oils, if you have them

  • A mixer or blender

  • An empty hand soap dispenser

  • Knowledge of percentages

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