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Science & Nature with Mr. Rich | 02

Bird Watching

Mr. Rich is revisiting a lesson he taught to children about the Fall migration of birds. This week the birds are welcomed back from their winter homes. Join us to help your children use their eyes and ears to search for signs of Spring migrants. Watch this video to get started and follow the next steps to begin your own bird watching from home!

Next Steps

Bird-watching is an activity that can be done from your bedroom window and without any tools. Here are some tips for facilitating a bird-watching experience for your younger learner, or getting an older student started. If you notice any interesting birds or manage to capture a picture, please comment about it below!

Tips for noticing spring birds.

  • Use your ears as much as your eyes.

  • Be an early bird. Search in the morning.

  • Binoculars are nice, but not a necessity.

Challenges to try at home!

  • Try finding a robin returning for spring.

  • Look-up bird species you find. Here is a good resource:

  • Keep a list of bird species you see.

  • Set out a bird feeding area you can view from inside.

  • If you have a camera, try capturing a bird picture.

  • Try finding birds doing these activities: Activity: Collecting food - Sign: Feeding, foraging Activity: Nest building - Sign: Carrying material, building Activity: Interacting with other birds - Sign: Calling, squabbling, preening Activity: Resting - Sign: Napping, sleeping

Enjoy your birding adventure!

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