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Hickory Hill Academy: New K-8th Grade Building, January Update!

We are excited to partner with Vogel Bros. Building Co. in providing updates for our new K-8th Grade Building. Read below for their latest newsletter!

January Project Update

Vogel Bros. Building Co. is prioritizing the south half of the building where all the classrooms are located, We have completed the steel and concrete floors on the south side of the building. Our crews are currently working on interior wall framing and roofing on the south side as well. Meanwhile, the steel on the north side is almost complete. Interior mechanical, electrical and plumbing is underway in all areas of the new building.


  • Pouring north side concrete floors in February

  • Roofing expected to be complete late February

  • Stone siding expected to begin in March

  • Glass will begin installation in April

  • Asphalt parking expected to begin in May

Pictured above: North Facing Conservatory Entrance

Pictured above: South Facing Front Entrance

Pictured above: Classrooms on the Main Level

Pictured above: Speciality classrooms, pictured here on the lower level is the science room, and the upper level room is our maker's space.

Pictured above: Gym

Did you know?

There is enough glass in the building to take up two NBA basketball courts.

Our school offers an incredible, educational experience for each student! Inquire now to enroll for the 2023-2024 Academic School Year!

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