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From a Home to a School: Celebrating the Inspirational, Sandra Dahl

Hickory Hill Academy is an exceptional educational institution that has been providing a lifelong learning experience to students for 27 years. At the heart of this thriving school is its founder, Sandra Dahl. Her vision, passion, and dedication have made Hickory Hill Academy what it is today, and her legacy continues to inspire generations of students.

What many may not know is that Hickory Hill Academy started as the home where Will and Sandra Dahl raised their children. Sandra's commitment to education and her belief in instilling lifelong learning in all students led her to transform her home into a school that fosters intellectual curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Today, the school has become a beacon of excellence in education, attracting students from diverse backgrounds who share a common desire to achieve their full potential.

Sandra's son, Matt Dahl, and his wife, Jenny Dahl, took ownership of the school in 2020, and have expanded the school's curriculum from Early Childhood all the way to 8th grade middle school. This expansion has led to the creation of a brand new K-8th grade building that will be ready for students in the fall of 2023.

With the new expansion happening, all of the current buildings will go back to their original form of early childhood, creating six new classrooms for the Early Childhood Program.

We are excited to announce that there is currently no waitlist, and we encourage anyone interested in enrolling their child to inquire today. The school's commitment to academic excellence, creativity, and community is unmatched, and we are confident that your child will thrive in our dynamic learning environment.

Sandra's presence is still felt on campus, even though she retired from her position as the school's head. Her legacy lives on, inspiring students and educators alike to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. Her values of integrity, perseverance, and respect continue to guide the school community, and her unwavering commitment to students has made a lasting impact on the lives of many.

One example of Sandra's dedication to the school is her participation in the Read Across America event as a special guest for the Kindergarten class. The students were thrilled to have her, and they prepared a special song to wish her a happy birthday today! Sandra's engagement with the students highlights her passion for education and her commitment to making a difference in the lives of every student at Hickory Hill Academy.

On behalf of the entire school community, we want to wish Sandra a very happy birthday! Thank you Sandra for your unwavering commitment to education. We are grateful for your leadership and dedication, and we will continue to honor your legacy by fostering a learning environment that values excellence, integrity, and respect.

With the school's expansion and new building, we look forward to continuing to provide a lifelong learning experience to students from diverse backgrounds for many years to come.

Click HERE to inquire today!

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