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2020 Summer Camp Reflections

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

We spend months and months planning each year for our Summer on the Farm summer camp program not only make it fun and enriching, but truly memorable for our campers. This year, we were creative in ensuring all our activities and programs were safely run during this pandemic. Even though camp looked a little different, it did not sacrifice the experience.

As we end our last day of Summer on the Farm today, we wanted to share with you what our campers learned, their favorite special, and some of the wonderful memories they made. We asked each 4 to 12-year-old to write what they valued most and this is what they said.

What was your favorite special this summer and why?

Because our campers are all unique, each of our enrichment special classes this summer was favored by one camper or another. Here's why some of our campers said it was their favorite.

Nature & Science

  • "I like learning about the woods." - Emil

  • "Because I can learn about rocks!" - Callum

  • "We learn about fungus." - John

  • "I like learning about animals since animals are a great part of my life." - Alivia

  • "I love watching the campers explore our forest and learn about the natural world around them." - Miss Rachel


  • "We got to bake things I have never baked before" - Bennett

  • "We get to eat what we cook!" - Ellie

  • "You get to eat stuff and I like baking!" - Camilla


  • "I love painting!" - Isabella

  • "We made stuff with clay, like lollipops!" - Dylan

  • "We get to paint donuts and make stuff!" - Kailey

  • "I loved watching what the campers made in art. The donuts made of tinfoil and newspaper, and the sand art were my two favorites!" - Miss Claire


  • "I get to water flowers!" - Mei

Rockband/Bucky Beats

  • "I love to play the drums." - Jose

  • "I like to play music." - Declan


  • "I like to be outside playing games." - Ethon

  • "We run and dance." - Isaac

  • "I like to learn about sports." - Will


  • "I like making cool things with my best friends." - Christian

  • "We made an arcade game!" - Sofia


  • "I like stretching!" - Geneive

  • "I like stretching to music." - Rose

What is one thing your learned?

  • "How planets orbit." - Will

  • "How to read new books." - Madi

  • "That Uranus has rings." - Sofia

  • "How to have fun with everyone." - Isha

  • "How to make pretzels." - Rose

  • "About different rocks." - Callum

  • "How to clean up fast." - Ellie

  • "How to make a treasure map." - Ethan

  • "About animals in our forest like deer and coyote." - John

  • "Spelling! I can spell now and write in my journal." - Geneieve

  • "That adult deer antlers fall off. (shed)" - Dylan

  • "How to make snow cones in cooking class!" - Kailey

  • "That all dogs are descendant from gray wolves." - Miss Rachel

  • "How to throw a Frisbee." - Sam

  • "How to write."- Harrison

  • "About foggy and cloudy weather." - Mei

  • "How to draw maps." - Gordon

  • "That Japanese Beetles are bad for gardens." - Emil

  • "Some bugs don't have blood." - Emerson

  • "How to underhand throw." - Aili

  • "How to sing." - Zanna

  • "How to play kick ball." - Eric

Do you have a special memory from camp?

Friends, making friends, playing with friends, and learning with friends, seemed to be the most special memory our campers wrote about. Here's a few more fun memories they shared.

  • "When we made up jokes!" - Ethon

  • "Feeding the goats here!" - John

  • "The talent show."

  • "Pretend camping"

  • "The Glow Party"

  • "Jokes from our morning announcements." - Kailey

  • "Dancing when Move Out Loud came to teach Hip Hop." - Parker

  • "Playing in the sprinkler!" - Aili

  • "Playing Monopoly." - Isha

  • "Hanging out on the deck." - Eric

  • "Dance party days!" - Will

  • "Bike days!" - Chrisitan

Nothing warms our hearts more, than hearing that beautiful friendships were made each summer and it's one of the best memories our campers take with them. We'll miss you campers and can't wait to see you next summer!

Here's a few journal entries from our younger campers who are learning to write!

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