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New dad of HHA: "I can’t wait to see who my daughter becomes"

Before I became a parent I was often told to cherish the moments with my children because “time really flies.” Now, as a father of 3 kids under the age of 6, I’m finding that old adage to be entirely true. My kids have entirely changed the way that my wife and I encounter and see the world around us, including how we encounter and see education.

This year we’ll be sending our oldest child to kindergarten, and it’s pretty heart-wrenching. After all, this is the little girl who actually made me a father. Before her, I wasn’t a dad.

My wife and I cried when she joyfully marched into her 4K program without really saying goodbye. But this? This feels different. This feels like where her education journey begins and I want nothing but the best for her. To be honest, I’ve been really nervous about this - am I making the best decision for her? Is she going to be ok?

However, that question of what is “best” is really difficult. I’m realizing very quickly that a simple liberal arts curriculum isn’t the ultimate of what I want for my daughter as she begins her journey of learning. Of course I want her to read critically, write cogently, and explore lots of ideas across the humanities and natural sciences. My hope is that she grows to know herself and discover who she is as she explores the broad swath of subjects and ideas that education has to offer.

In other words, knowledge and facts aren’t the end goal. The end goal should be a healthy, whole person who is confident in themselves and compassionate toward the world around them.

This is why I’ve been so impressed with her experience at HHA. She has been immersed in HHA’s summer programming, and I have already seen her teachers zero in on who she is. They see my daughter for who she is and strive to create a safe, creative, and beautiful space for her to explore what she likes, dislikes, and discover new talents while cultivating the talents she already has.

The quality of education is bar none, but more than the quality of education is the quality of people and the spirit that make HHA what it is. I can’t wait to see who my daughter becomes as she begins her education. I’m so thankful that she gets to do it at HHA with all that they have to offer now and so much more in the upcoming years to come.

- A new dad of HHA


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