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My Family's Experience with Hickory Hill Academy

As a family that is new to Hickory Hill Academy (HHA), our experience has been profoundly positive. After nearly a full year, our son, Kingston, loves his school and second-grade class as much as the first day when he came home saying, “It felt like we were only there for an hour.”

Second grade HHA students in science class.

In the summer of 2020, one of the primary things that attracted us to HHA was their plan to deal with the COVID-19 virus. By early summer, HHA’s leadership had already developed primary and contingency plans with public health officials to ensure a safe and healthy classroom experience for every child on campus.

That same summer, I had the opportunity to meet with Jamie Herold, HHA’s Head of School. She plainly explained how classes would be arranged in pods, each with two credentialed teachers to support one another and the unique needs of students during the uniquely stressful experiences of a global pandemic.

Throughout the school year, if an exposure occurred, the teachers and leadership were fully prepared to execute their contingency plans. Within an hour of being made aware of the situation, students were issued a previously assigned Chromebook and bags were packed containing everything they would need for the next two weeks.

Even though my wife and I both work, having Kingston studying at home during the two weeks of quarantine wasn’t stressful at all because of how prepared his teachers were for the situation. His teachers were online with the students throughout the entire day. At one time, I overheard one of them say, “If you have a question, ask us first and we will help you continue your work.”

That was amazing! It’s clear to me, as a parent, that the teachers at HHA love their work. The teachers are fully invested in their students and have sparked a love for learning in their pupils’ young minds.

Given that HHA operates so well, you might expect tuition to be a major setback. However, HHA operates at incredibly competitive prices. In fact, I found them to be one of the most affordable options in Madison.

One of the greatest things about HHA is their long-term vision and commitment to the school’s future. They have recently announced a school mascot and have made plans to break ground on a new K-8th grade building in the next few years, in order to facilitate the education of children from 12 months of age through 8th grade.

If you’re looking for a solid school that values a holistic education and a place where your student will develop a love for learning, then take it from this parent: you should strongly consider Hickory Hill Academy.

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