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Bucky Beats with Mr. Chris | 01

Gathering and Constructing Instruments from Home

We're bringing our enrichment programs to your home. Our blog will feature one enrichment program lesson each day of the week for you and your child to follow along. First up is Bucky Beats, our musical percussion program!

You're going to need instruments to participate in Bucky Beats with Mr. Chris, so this week is all about gathering and constructing them from your home. First watch this short video.

A message from Mr. Chris on how to get ready for next week!

Next Steps

Start your search by gathering items in your home that make drum sounds. Have fun making it into a scavenger hunt or construction project. Don't forget to test them out and then set them aside so they are ready for our lesson next Wednesday.

Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

  • Pots and pans

  • Tupperware

  • Plastic eggs filled with rice, beans, or beads

  • Tinfoil

  • Silverware

  • Wooden spoons or spatulas

Get creative and have fun finding your instruments. Be sure to share your favorite ideas in the comments of our Facebook or Instagram posts!

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