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A Window Into Integrated Arts

Technology has given us a window into the creative process of so many individuals! There are countless YouTube videos and TikTok's that give you a glimpse of an artist "in their zone." Yet, the ease of access into someone's creative process can actually cheapen that process; we see a final, well-edited video, while the artist has put in countless hours and days of outtakes, mistakes, edits, reshoots, and attempts - all leading to the final masterpiece. Art is a process, and it's a rewarding one here at HHA. Let us introduce you to the our Integrated Arts teacher, Miss Erica!

Hello! I'm Erica Vetrovec. I have joined the excellent HHA staff as the Integrated Arts teacher this year. I'm excited about my new position as it allows me to bring together my experience as a classroom teacher and art teacher with my artistic passion and hobby! One part of my job is integrating the learning done in social studies class by creating art to go with lessons learned in the classroom. The other part is to teach art concepts and techniques, while exploring different types of media and learning about a few artists. My goal this year is to bring these two parts together while allowing students to express their individual creativity in a positive, purposeful, and fun environment.

I wanted to give you a sneak peak into what this looks like right now with our Secret Garden classroom full of 5th-6th graders. We have begun learning about important events that led up to the American Revolution. Mr. Perkins, Ms. Emily, and Mrs. V. brainstormed ideas to use Integrated Arts time to create something that would enhance the students' learning experience. We landed on creating a newspaper.

In IA class, we began by learning about Johannes Gutenburg and his revolutionary invention of movable type and the printing press by watching a couple of short videos. Mrs.V. explained how the moveable type letters were cast and how ink was applied, as well as why it was such an amazing and important invention!

After looking at newspaper pages to talk about the parts of a page (headline, byline, body copy, pictures, captions) and how the page is formatted in columns with different sizes and typefaces, students got together in small groups and chose an event. Each group will research, write, and create a picture with caption for one revolutionary war event.

Students dove into their research using their textbooks and websites, and began typing their articles in a one-column format. As we finished the articles, they started to work on the pictures to create ads that would fit with the time period! - Miss Erica

We are so proud of our students at HHA for the hard work and dedication they are putting into their learning process! Thank you Miss Erica for sharing and giving us a look into what the fifth and sixth graders are doing. We can't wait to see the final masterpiece!

Integrated Arts is just one of the many enrichment programs we offer here at HHA on top of our core curriculum. There are a few different ways you can learn more about our school and what it has to offer you!


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