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"This is the EXACT reason I wanted to start an elementary and middle school."

One rhythm of communication that has brought so much joy to the culture here at HHA is each teacher's classroom newsletter. Each week our teachers faithfully craft a summary of the week, reminders of upcoming events and important information, and fun pictures of the students from that week. We love that this gives HHA parents and families a window into what the week at HHA has been like for their child. Relationships between our students, teachers, and parents are a high priority and having weekly communication newsletters has bridged the gap for many families around the question, "What did you do today?"

With the newsletter, HHA Parents are able to say, "I saw you did ____ in your class! How fun! Tell me about this project and picture." Our students are excited to see a picture of themselves and share with their parents what they did in an exciting and proud way.

This week our Kindergarten class, led by teachers Miss Alexandra and Miss Samantha, sent out a newsletter that caught the eye of our school president, Matt Dahl.

"I saw this picture in our kindergarten newsletter today. This is the exact reason I wanted to start an elementary/ middle school. So much compassion going on here." - Mr. Matt

"This week we had so much fun expressing our gratitude by making a 'thankful turkey' with our 5th/6th grade reading buddies!" Miss Alexandra.

Mr. Matt was right! This was a beautiful moment where our vision at HHA Cultivating Compassionate Leaders was being played out in the classroom amongst our students!

"I literally had tears in my eyes this morning watching this unfold. It was/will be a favorite memory for sure!" - Miss Samantha

"HHA is uniquely positioned to allow for this opportunity because most schools are not even located on the same campus. Here we are able to have students simply walk through their doorways and join in on a classroom to support the learning happening within those walls. Older students can have the opportunity to deepen their learning by actually teaching and practicing with our youngest students on skills those older ones have already mastered. The mentorship and community bonds that are formed between those generations of students can be transformational for both the younger ones and the older students." Miss Amanda

Our brand new K-8th grade building will be ready for the 2023-2024 School Year, and we simply cannot wait for all the positive benefits and opportunities for our middle schoolers, elementary students, and even our Early Childhood Program students to work together even more. To learn more about our new building, visit our website at this link . You can even view the video below to get a sneak peak of what the inside will look like!

To learn more about HHA, click here to fill out our inquiry form. Our Admissions Director, Amanda Bolan, would love to answer any of your questions and share more about our programs!


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