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Compassionate Leadership On Display!

At the heart of our school is the vision of cultivating compassionate leadership. A quality that is ever so important during this time of the year when we have the opportunity to give back to the greater Madison community. Our students have transformed that vision from words on the page to action when they participate in local events like NBC15's Share Your Holiday Food Drive and creating bags for Meals on Wheels here in Wisconsin. Contributing to local organizations and events like this not only galvanize our students with a call to action, they also provide lessons in which students can shine through as they take initiative to collect, organize, and prepare items to be donated.

For NBC15's Share Your Holiday Food Drive, students were tasked with collecting, organizing and preparing various nonperishable food items as well as seeking monetary donations. These proceeds go to Second Harvest Foodbank of Southwestern Wisconsin, whose missions is to ensure all communities have enough nutritious food to thrive and to end huger in this region of Wisconsin. Our phenomenal students collected over $500 in monetary donations and many bins of food to donate to Second Harvest!

Meals on Wheels, in conjunction with SSM Health at Home and Little John's, provides meals to 300 customers in the Greater Madison area. Over 17,000 meals are prepared weekly for clients in child care centers, assisted living centers, schools and shelters. Our students have the opportunity to prepare bags for those living in assisted living centers, creating colorful and imaginative displays to spread joy and festivity to those who receive these meals.

Through the lens of compassionate leadership, students are able to connect their actions to provide and contribute to their local community with the learning they are actively engaged with in the classroom setting. For these students, this is opportunity to make connections to their local community and understand the impact they can have on the lives of others. This is an experience that goes beyond the lesson in the classroom and can transform how our students view their peers and their communities. In the words of someone who deeply understand the important of transformative giving, "It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."

Our school is growing, and we are so excited to implement community service learning as a core component of our programming for our elementary and middle school students! To learn more about our school, click HERE!

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