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Miss Tessa first began her time at HHA in the fall of 2020 is happy to be returning this year. She received her Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from Emmaus Bible College. During her time in college, she began to fall in love with the creative and nurturing philosophies in early childhood education, and soon after graduation, she began working in her first classroom as a 4K teacher.

Her approach to teaching is heavily influenced by the work of Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori. Miss Tessa loves encouraging children's creativity, compassion, and wonder. Literature, nature, and art are big passions of hers to explore with students. In addition to her work in the classroom, her time as a foster parent allowed her many training opportunities regarding attachment and trauma-informed care which has translated well into the classroom. 

Miss Tessa grew up rural southwest Wisconsin with her two older siblings. She spent much of her time as a child exploring the creek down the street and doting on her beloved pets. She would have loved to attend such a nature focused school like HHA which is part of why she loves teaching here now. I also enjoy the wonderful community and teachers and families at HHA! 

Miss Tessa married her high school sweetheart Jared in 2017, and they live outside of Madison with their spoiled pup, Arthur. They love visiting the family farm, doing house projects, hosting friends and family, camping, and playing Scrabble together. In the past, they have enjoyed international travel, they hope to travel to Ireland next. In her free time, she loves to sew, quilt, garden, bake, and cook. She is also trying to refresh her piano playing skills, slowly but surely! 

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