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Miss Nancy is currently an undergraduate at University of Wisconsin Madison. She is majoring in Elementary Education with her ESL certification. Miss Nancy chose to become a teacher because she wants to ignite a love of learning, help students further/challenge themselves, support their educational aspirations, and help with their emotional wellbeing. Before coming to HHA she has enjoyed working with kids as a babysitter, tutor, and daycare worker. 


Miss Nancy grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her parents along with one sister

and three brothers. She can speak up to four different languages. In her free time she enjoys watching movies, reading books, spending time with friends and family, drawing/painting and cooking/baking. Miss Nancy also enjoys traveling and hopes to continue traveling soon.


Miss Nancy decided to work at HHA because she heard a lot of wonderful and great things about Hickory Hill Academy and when she arrived at HHA for orientation she loved how beautiful the campus was, the great teachers, and the atmosphere. Miss Nancy also decided to come and work at HHA because she believes that it can help her decide what age group she would like to work with once she becomes a teacher in the near future. Through HHA she hopes to develop new skills and new strategies that will help her become a better version of herself and allow her to apply what she has learned to her classroom.

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