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Miss Jenna graduated from UW Madison with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and has been teaching for 10 years. She previously taught at HHA for two years and recently returned in January of 2021. Miss Jenna has also taught across the HHA campus in Make Way for Ducklings, the Velveteen Rabbit, Over in the Meadow, and Wind in the Willows. 

Miss Jenna was born in Madison, WI and grew up with one sister and five brothers, one of which is her twin brother. As a child she enjoyed playing make believe, going outdoors and playing board game with her siblings and cousins. It's no surprise that playing teacher was on of Miss Jenna's favorite games. Her love for teaching expanded once she grew older an obtained her Childcare Certificate in high school. Form then on she has loved playing a significant role in Children's loves, and will continue to do so through teaching. Miss Jenna is extremely passionate about teaching and believes in making learning fun.


When she is not teaching, some activities she enjoys include spending time with family and friends, taking her dog on walks, traveling, reading, skiing, writing, studying and cooking. 

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