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Miss Holly is currently an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Early Education with a minors in History and Social Studies. She wants to become a teacher because she wants to support children in their educational journey, make learning a positive experience, and help students further/challenge themselves. Before coming to HHA she was a youth worker in the after-school program at the East Madison.


Miss Holly is from West Salem, Wisconsin. When she is home she enjoys hanging out with her parents, twin sister, little sister, and their family dog. They enjoy spending time together boating on the Mississippi River and hiking on the bluffs in the area. Miss Holly enjoys hammocking and camping in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. 


Miss Holly was interested in working at HHA when she heard about what the campus has to offer and the values of HHA. Once arriving on the campus, she was even more excited to join after seeing the amazing campus, the great teachers, and friendly environment. She is looking forward to applying what she learns in her time at HHA to her future classroom.  

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